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So, when I confess that I am the billionaire heiress to a sex-toy fortune, you won't be the least bit fazed?


Not in the slightest. I'm pretty open minded like that. Although 'open minded' is much the same, in my world, as 'No, I will never let a woman use a strap on me'. Just to clarify.


[this is good] Woo!  What a great thing to happen.  I mean a) that you have a second hand contact living so close, and b) that they were so welcoming to you when you're so far from friends and family (not counting work colleagues). 
I like odd coincidences like that.  A few years ago my job entailed driving around the north west of England trying to get colleges and employers interested in Open Learning.  I used to have to go to all kinds of odd places in deepest Lancashire and Cumbria and one day I was visiting our office in Workington, which was a one-horse steel town on the coast.  Unusually for me, I stopped in town on the way to the office to buy something for my lunch.  I'd just parked up and as I was walking along the main street when I suddenly recognised someone walking toward me.  It was a friend I hadn't seen for about 10 years, since he'd moved to Scotland and who I'd completely lost touch with.  Turned out he was working in the local college, running one of the courses my department was sponsoring.  What were the chances?
The other, possibly more strange coincidence was when I was on my honeymoon on the Isle of Man.  One evening my wife and I had taken the bus to a tiny village on the north coast and were wandering up the main street, looking for a pub or cafe.  The place was deserted, except for one lone figure in the distance, walking toward us.  When she got close enough for me to see her, I realised it was my boss who was on holiday and visiting her mother who happened to live in that very village.  She was able to tell us that there was no pub and no cafe or the like, open at that time in the evening.
Bizarre indeed.

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