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Lil Red Muffin Head

I always thought you were Chinese. My mistake. 


maybe it's becuase you look so much like hugh jackman


How odd. After a few years offshore it seems that I developed a temporary Australian / South African accent, at least when under pressure (and I was working with other Englishmen). Numerous people asked where I'd come from, or commented that I was a long way from home etc. Apparently it still slips in occasionally when I'm on edge. Perhaps it's a home-counties thing? 

Lil Red Muffin Head

Did you say panties?

♥ shhexycorin ♥

Americans I met in NC couldn't tell the difference between a South African accent and my accent.



Maybe it's because you have a hick English accent, Brockles.  Whereas I sound like I came straight out of Coronation St at times.


I thought you were Mexican.

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